Education Outside the Classroom

The benefits of education outside the classroom (EOTC) cannot be overstated. Learning inside the classroom is one thing, but when these understandings are applied in a real world context student understanding becomes far deeper. Our school vision describes giving our students the skills and resilience to participate in a changing global society whilst our school motto, “Non scholae sed vitae dicimus,” says that we learn to be successful in life.

Sekolah Ciputra offers camps at every grade level from Grade 4 up. Students participate in a series of outdoor activities, provide service to local communities and enhance their entrepreneurial skills.  Our EOTC scope and sequence ensures that each year builds upon the skills practiced in the previous one and becomes incrementally more challenging. Additional to our camps programme, we have a number of day trips that are designed to support the curriculum and help place the knowledge and skills taught in a unit into a real life context.

The school also offers significant work experience opportunities for students so that they can be better informed about what next steps they want to take in their lives.

Internationalism is fostered through activities such as the World Scholar’s Cups and Model United Nations where students have the opportunity of representing themselves and the school in a global context. The school has enjoyed considerable success in these activities.

Sekolah Ciputra has an EOTC policy and a health and safety framework which is designed to ensure that these activities are as well supported and supervised. EOTC provides the opportunity for our students to demonstrate their abilities in a real world context.